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June 21, 2018[INQ. NO. 1806C12] MPLUS Cosmetics has developed 16DROPS custom cosmetics that subdivide the skin into 16 types and recommend the best products for skin improvement according to the skin type. Along with experts who have been involved in the development of optimal formulations including those for each skin type for 30 years. By using more than 3,000 skin data sources obtained, it has acquired a patent for Providing Customized Cosmetics According to Skin Type Analysis.
The 16 skin types offered by 16DROPS undergo various stages of processing depending on the external environment, stress, food consumption, and health condition, instead of fixed skin type, to prescribe the products that best suit the user. It allows an easy and simple detection of skin type through a mobile device, predicting the potential skin type in the future by using a genetic testing.
In addition, 16DROPS is produced under strict manufacturing standards, using only EWG-approved ingredients with no chemical preservatives or artificial coloring. It has also passed a skin irritation test and obtained ISO9001 certification. MPLUS Cosmetics seeks to produce safe products that can be used for the sensitive skin as well as for pregnant women. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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