Premium Diffusers Holiday Wood Diffuser is a product line created with the theme of Christmas, offering a variety of Christmas- related fragrances such as Christmas trees.
Aronica Sola Flower Diffuser is a handmade Woodflower diffuser made of solar tree. This feminine and elegant diffuser is composed of premium fragrances in various themes such as Essential Oil.
Aronica Preserved Flower Diffuser is a product made from dry flowers. Featuring a natural pastel comfort and style, it is a premium product that differs from the special perfume technology,
Herbfamily Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in producing living aroma with 30 years of experience throughout three generations. Along with its specialized OEM and ODM product development and production facilities, Herbfamily, a high-efficiency aroma specialist, is equipped with a one-stop process from planning to production as well as high efficiency in terms of time and economy.

The company is developing and producing various items combined with a fragrance such as decorative diffusers, room sprays, sachets, and handmade soaps. Its products are exported to various countries such as the USA, Germany, China, and Vietnam. Herbfamily has a branch office in New York along with its own logistics system. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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