Baby Bath Products

Baby Bath Products[INQ. NO. 1808C15] Sobble Cushion Baby Bath Tub is an innovative item with unique features. Even when a raw egg is dropped on it from two meters above, it never breaks thanks to the cushion with its outstanding marshmallow softness. The excellent heatretention material preserves the warmness three times longer than conventional bathtubs. The adjustable marshmallow stopper allows the baby to sit comfortably and prevents the baby from suffocating while bathing. In addition, the automatic color changing thermal indicator ensures the ideal temperature for the baby.
Sobble After Bath Skincare series consists of Baby Wash, Soothing gel, Lotion, Cream, and Powder Cream. Using natural ingredients, it features Paraben and is ethanol free as well as having a perfect moisturizing effect. It has passed a dermatology test and skin compatibility assessment.
LeeSaem International is a Korean baby product manufacturer established in 2011. It is currently exporting to more than 35 countries specializing in baby products. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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