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August 30, 2018

Inflatable Baby Feeding Cushion[INQ. NO. 1808C17] Now you can feel free to go out with your baby using the inflatable baby product Nai-B from Winnie Connie Co., Ltd. Based on its long and specialized technology, the company launched an inflatable baby product Nai-B, meaning “Naive baby,” and includes all essential items for the newly born baby. Nai-B was developed to help mom and baby to go out of the home easily. Especially the inflatable baby feeding cushion of 580g weight will give a comfortable feeding time to mom and baby. It takes only one minute to inflate it using the built-in pump. The height of the cushion is adjustable and it keeps the baby’s head high to prevent it from vomiting. When deflating inside the air chamber it turns into a temporary baby bed outside. Wiping by wet towel keeps the inside Urethane cushion clean always. The outside cover is made of 100% cotton without any harmful substances. The waist belt is adjustable to suit the user’s body size.
Winnie Connie Co., Ltd. has been manufacturing general leisure sporting goods through technology and experience accumulated over the past 45 years since its establishment in 1972. The company’s development includes various water activity goods, inflatable toys, marine safety products, ocean leisure equipment and inflatable camping that are produced in its plants in Busan and Paju, Republic of Korea, and in China. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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