Smart Baby Monitor & Carrier

Smart Baby Monitor & Carrier[INQ. NO. 1808C23] MONIT is a product to monitor a baby’s diaper condition and the air quality around the baby. Consisting of a diaper sensor, an air quality monitoring hub, and an app service, MONIT prevents diseases caused by tardy diaper changes and reduces parental stress over habitual diaper checking. It helps to maintain an optimal environment for babies by monitoring temperature, humidity, and VOC gas surrounding babies. This product is designed to provide appropriate care solutions by analyzing the baby’s frequency of urine and feces, and environmental and growth information for the baby.
Bebefit is the world’s first convertible hip seat baby carrier that can easily change the position where the baby’s weight is concentrated to effectively relieve shoulder and back pain.
MONIT Corp. was born as a spin-off company from Samsung Electronics’ C-Lab in 2017 by six dads joining forces in an R&D project to provide effective baby care. The company seeks to identify the inconveniences associated with taking care of babies based on the founders’ actual experiences and solve such problems, further pursuing the happiness of babies all around the world. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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