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Smart Air Quality Monitoring System | Korean Products

September 14, 2018

Smart Air Quality Monitoring System[INQ. NO. 1808C14] INNO-Aircare is an IoT based air condition monitoring system using nine sensors such as Temp, CO, CO2, VOCs, LPG, Illuminance, PM2.5, Humidity. INNO-AirCare is available to use real-time anywhere for measuring the air condition due to its compact size. The measured data is saved on a database server and users are able to check anywhere and anytime the environmental condition using the Web browser or PC Program. The applications include Classroom, Meeting room, Study room, Kindergarten, Hospital, Office, Warehouse, Subway, Food processing plant, Farmhouse, Industrial complex, Public smoking area, and Disposal Waste.
It is possible to provide customizing of the product using the sensor which customers need depending on the order quantity. For monitoring a number of product data on the PC, it is possible to integrate the system and program.
INNOTEMS Co., Ltd. is a technology-intensive venture company which performs R&D, inspection and testing systems and system consulting based on expertise and know-how in PC-based control and instrumentation. In particular, it developed the LabVIEW•IoT one-stop system based control and instrumentation, LabVIEW•IoT based System Integration and measurement and analysis systems in the medical field, Fiber Laser Dio. • INNOTEMS | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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