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October 4, 2018

Brown Rice Embryo Products to modern scientific experiments, hulled rice is composed of the embryo bud of rice containing 66% of nutrient components while polished rice recorded 5%. In hulled rice, the ratio of the embryo bud of rice is only 1%, which means that there is only 1 gram of embryo bud in 1 kilo-gram of hulled rice. But, interestingly, this 1 gram makes changes in our bodies. Contained in this 1 gram of embryo bud, there are nutrients that strengthen and maintain our immunity and health system.
Hulled rice contains octacosanol that provides stamina and improved immunity. It also contains twice the amount of dietary fiber, thus cleansing the bowels. Also the plenty of water contained in it gives a feeling of fullness and is excellent in preventing constipation. It is also good for the heart.
This shows that hulled rice, and its embryo bud is a promising food for humankind. Accordingly, it is already produced and sold via OEM by GMP facilities-equippedpharmaceutical companies and is officially registered with the FDA. Furthermore, its safety has been proven through various chemical experiments including heavy metal, pesticide residue and various nutrients carried out by certified laboratories in United States.
By consuming the embryo buds of rice consistently, you can strengthen your immunity and avoid being exposed to diseases, including adult diseases. Most of the health functional foods have pros and cons, but once you experience this product yourself, you will find out its unique value.
Embryo Bud of Brown Rice Germ produced by Hanaro Food is made of brown rice embryo extracted from pure Korean Rice without the process of heating stirring or steaming. It has been fully tested for any heavy metals or gluten allergins or pesticide residues in certified laboratories in the USA. It is a natural product with no added preservatives or other substances.
The natural nutrients of brown rice are contained intact in the 3g stick pack. The individual stick packaging makes it easy to carry, for example while hiking or camping, and prevents spoilage. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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