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October 4, 2018

Functional Cosmetics Gold 24k Red Ginseng Skin Care gives a gentle shine to your skin. The pure gold ingredient helps to release heavy metals, helps skin health, and has a high hyaluronic acid content, which keeps the skin surface moisturized. Also containing red ginseng extract, it gives the skin elasticity, improves skin energy and helps to improve whitening and wrinkles. It is a gel type formulation that is good for moisturizing, thus keeping the surface of the skin firm, fresh, and moist.
CELLUNA DIAMOND.75 SKIN CARE, made from natural ingredients, provides nutrients to rough skin damaged by creamy texture creams.
Celluna Face Healer Red Ginseng & Royal Jelly contains red ginseng extract and vitamin jelly extract to help improve immunity. It has excellent moisturizing, nourishing, soothing and regenerating effects for damaged and irritated skin. It is a highly concentrated essence that helps to regenerate the skin.
Celluna Face Healer Placenta & Lingshi Mushroom is a high-concentrated essence that helps to regenerate damaged skin quickly and restore moisture to the skin by providing moisture and nutrition. It is a bio-cellulose mask pack.
Doosun Cosmetics Inc., established in 2016, will be a pivotal hub to connect Asia’s cosmetics market with Vietnam, based on the visualization of overseas expansion. It produces skin care, mask pack, color tone, hair, and body products. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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