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October 4, 2018

Push-Fit Fittings

http://korean-products.com/inquiryTwistloc is a push-fit type fitting that can be installed without the need for extra tools. It provides about 40% cost savings compared to nonmetallic products. It is also applicable to all types of pipes such as copper, cPVC, PEX and PB pipes. These eco-friendly products, containing no heavy metals and harmful substances, have obtained international product certifications such as NSF, cUPC and WRAS.
Twistloc features a strong collets gripping strength suitable for hot water piping and ensures 25 years of product warranty with excellent corrosion resistance and thermal stability with reduced risk of rupture in cold conditions. Twistloc is produced in various colors such as white, black, and gray.
SNC Corporation is a specialized manufacturer of plumbing and heat-receptive plastic fittings and valves. Having obtained international product certifications including NSF, WRAS, cUPC, and ISO, SNC Corporation has been engaged in mass production since 2008. SNC’s products that are environmentally friendly and costcompetitive are replacing conventional brass fittings.
Its major markets include the USA and Europe, especially in the DIY products market. SNC Corporation is currently introducing its products through magazines such as Supply House Times and Wholesaler in the USA.
SNC’s products are applied to various markets such as construction pipes, refrigerators, ice makers, pipes, mobile houses, leisure boats, automobiles, industrial filters, and flower farms.

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