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October 11, 2018

Acrylic Sheet is a synthetic resin (PolyMethyl Methacrylate: PMMA) panel that is equipped both with the luxury and elegance and the crystal clearness of glass. Featuring higher impact-resistance than glass, it is a transparent plastic used as a substitute for glass. Arystal, the first acrylic integrated brand in Korea, offers high-quality acrylic sheets ranging from 0.8mm thin sheet to 50mm thick plate.
Arystal is not only superior in transparency, flatness, and processability for laser, CNC, molding, etc. but also satisfies various needs of customers including thickness, size, surface, color, and physical properties. It offers a wide range of highly functional products such as light diffusing, antistatic, matte, embossed and scratch resistant as well as general purpose transparent and colored products.
By using special pigment to optimize the optical characteristics of the LED light source, Arystal features an excellent illuminance that does not change even after molding. It is used for various purposes such as covers, interior lighting decorations, and signboards for advertising. The diffusion sheet distributes the light evenly and expresses smooth and unifo#brightness to produce luxurious images.
The diffusion S is a product designed by focusing on diffusivity, featuring a luxurious color and requiring no separate color work on the cut edge. The diffusion P is designed to improve the transmittance up to 80% while properly shielding the light source.
It is an anti-static acrylic sheet specially processed to prevent static electricity on the surface of the coating board with excellent mechanical properties and permeability. It is widely used for all kinds of applications such as electric, electronic, optical, medical and high-tech materials which require static electricity.
Arystal anti-static plate is produced by processing the plates produced exclusively for coating, which gives it excellent mechanical properties and permeability. It also has a surface resistance from 106 to 108 ohm, square to effectively prevent the generation of static electricity. The surface is hard coated with 4H hardness, so it is safe from scratch. In addition, it has excellent durability and chemical resistance to solvents such as solvents, and can thus be applied in various fields.
Established in 1974, Handeul Co., Ltd. has been constantly striving to create a new paradigm for the acrylic industry as a leader in the development of the acrylic industry with its own research and development and production capabilities over the past 44 years.

It is the only acrylic sheet manufacturing company in Korea equipped with manufacturing lines for casting and extrusion as well as a machining facility to provide various solutions to meet customers’ needs. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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