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October 11, 2018

Folding Box & Various Boxes Smart Crate is made of a material that is resistant to temperatures down to -40 degrees C, at which no prevention of infectious diseases is necessary and highly resistant to UV rays and chemicals. Manufactured not by injection but by blow process, it is highly bearable to heavy load HDPE products used to prevent damage by chemicals, water, insects, moths, white ants, etc. No screws or nails are required and there are no sharp edges to protect workers and the products. BigAnt Smart Crate is applicable to all industries including foods, pharmacies, electronics, and chemicals.
Made of eco-friendly recyclable material, it is reusable and cost- saving, featuring practical structure in which every part is replaceable, no toxicity, and a packaging system for long-te#use. The boxes can be moved and stored multi-stacked.
Adopting the shape of the Eastern window, which features a smooth airflow, and the strong construction to improve the strength of the product through the analysis of structural dynamics, it has 1.5 times higher durability compared to other competing products. BigAnt Smart Crate can be applied with a wide range of colors for diverse use from housewares to cars, camping, sports and storage logistics.
By using the Mark Plate, BigAnt Smart Crate can be applied to company logos and slogans as OEM, ODM products. It is also perfect for promoting corporate brands in many industries, including freebies, events, housewares, sporting goods, sports, and fisheries.
INPACK Global Co., Ltd. has developed various types of packaging systems for the benefit of Korea’s packaging industry’s development for the past decade, helping in laying the groundwork for the package exporting industry through its exclusive technologies. The world is currently facing challenging environmental issues and many companies are forced to bear a great deal of costs due to industrial waste issues, which makes the recycle packaging mandatory a priority as a means to savings on packaging costs.
For the past five years, INPACK Global has been making significant efforts to develop returnable container packaging boxes and agricultural loading packaging boxes while seeking to create new packaging solutions. The company has also earned an increasing number of opportunities for exports and sales by cooperating with many global packaging providers for technical tie-ups, product cross-sales, and overseas production, providing innovative and competitive systems. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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