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Hair Extensions[INQ. NO. 1810C02] Clip-in Hair Extensions is a hair extension that is twice thinner than the existing clip-on hair extensions. Thinnest of the currently available clip-on hair extensions, it does not feel thick when wearing it and give a rich hair look. In addition, it does not make the head look bigger when applied.
Hair extensions are in general used by attaching pieces of various sizes of hair extensions called “pieces”. The free section of Creative Clip-in hair extensions is a large, wide piece that can be cut to the size as one desires. It can be divided up into 12 pieces.

GABALNAR is a fashion wig manufacturer founded in 2005 with the motto of “A Wig is Another Form of Cloth” and has developed and produced charming wigs, selling over 1 million pieces up to now. GABALNAR also manufactures and sells the biggest number of wigs in the industry, including hair extensions, bangs, ponytails, and costume wigs. Based on the online malls, the company has diversified its sales channels both o, online and offline including directly operated stores and stores in beauty parlors, and entered overseas markets including Japan and China. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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