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October 11, 2018

Rice Snack

http://korean-products.com/inquiryME;REAL Kimchi Snack, is a rice snack combining rice, which is the main raw material, with the hot taste of kimchi that is a traditional Korean food. It is appealing to customers who are fond of spicy tastes and also a relish suitable for various alcoholic drinks.
ME;REAL Black Garlic Snack is mainly made of rice and good for health as it is manufactured by ripening black garlic, one of the unique Korean foods, for a long time. Black Garlic Snack is rich in garlic flavor as the black garlic is added, and it is also a snack of good flavors mingled with sweet and salty tastes.
ME;REAL Turmeric Snack is a rice snack manufactured by adding turmeric, which is recommended as one of the world’s top-10 healthiest foods every year and has a crispy texture mingled with turmeric taste and sweet taste.
ME;REAL Cocoa Snack is mainly made of rice and has a luxurious taste mingled with the sweet and bitter taste of cocoa and the savory taste of sweet rice snack.
Mereal uses the eco-friendly rice and agricultural product of clean Jeollanam-do produced in Jangheung-gun and Gangjin-gun as the main raw materials and produces products with customers’ health first. Therefore, Mereal is rising to fame as a company producing safe foods that can be eaten by my family members. More and more customers are ordering kids’ snacks for their infants and children and parents’ snacks for the sake of family health.
ME;REAL snacks, using domestic ingredients, are made with a popping method that does not fry ingredients in oil and minimize loss of nutrients to maintain the original taste and nutrition of ingredients. Among ME;REAL products that are also suitable for simple breakfasts, Scorched Rice (Nurungji) Chip with hovenia dulcis has been selected as one of the ‘500 Hit Items of the Year’ selected by the Small & Medium Business Corporation.
Established in 2013 to manufacture healthy and delicious snacks using rice which is a gluten-free food ingredient, Mereal Corp., which is an agricultural corporation, produces rice snacks and scorched rice (nurungji) chips made of rice containing the shiitake mushroom hyphae and main materials are the eco-friendly agricultural products produced in Jangheung-gun and Gangjin-gun. In addition, Mereal has released snacks of various tastes using kimchi which is a unique food ingredient of Korea, black garlic, and turmeric and also developed fruit-flavoring snacks using strawberry, etc., thereby striving to satisfy various customers’ tastes.
Mereal Corp. won the Participation Prize in the ‘Agricultural Product Processing and Experience’ sector of the agricultural area contest hosted by Rural Development Administration in 2013. At present, we have entered EzyMart which is the largest convenience store chain in Australia and are exporting our products to New Zealand, the USA, China, Spain, and the Netherlands.

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