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Wooden Dip Pen | Korean Products

October 11, 2018

Wooden Dip Pen[INQ. NO. 1810C01] BINLOGUE Dip Pen is made of rosewood, which is considered to be a special kind of wood among hardwoods, creating an old-fashioned atmosphere with its dark red color. This hard and precious species is also the finest wood used mainly for luxury musical instruments or jewelry. The rosewood is usually red, or sometimes green, depending on the distinction between the sapwood and heartwood. Even when made of the same wood, it offers uniqueness as the one and only pen in the world.
BINLOGUE Dip Pen Series has been recognized for its outstanding design and comfortable grip at the 51st Korea Design Exhıbition.
Founded in 2017, BINLOGUE is a handicraft studio that produces analogdesign products for those who are tired of digital life. None of its products are mass-produced but rather created by young craftsmen to convey satisfaction to consumers with the highest quality.
Dip Pen Series, a flagship product of BINLOGUE, is an analog-type writing instrument that uses ink. Depending on the user’s grip strength, the thickness of the line varies, allowing the pen tip to express the user’s own handwriting over time. It is also compatible with a variety of pen nibs for writing and drawing. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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