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October 18, 2018

5-axis Welding Robot

http://korean-products.com/inquiry[INQ. NO. 1807M04] Samjin Wel-Tech recently released the 5-axis welding robot, minimizing unnecessary functions and specializing in welding work.
It has established a welding machine brand named OMEGA Wel-Tech in South Korea and is now preparing to make a leap forward as a global enterprise extending to the overseas market.
CEO Bae Byeong-ho revealed his ambitions by saying that “Based on our high technological prowess, we will pursue perfection of our products and always do our best to maintain the top position in the field of welding machines and welding automation equipments.”
Currently, the company’s main targets are SMEs and enterprises of middle standing accounting for about 90% of domestic manufacturing industry. He confidently said that the company opened a new horizon in the field of the welding automation by reducing the price of its welding robot lineup by more than 50% compared to the existing makers and by realizing an user friendly interface.
Meanwhile, one of the most important features of its welding robot lineup is that teaching is very easy. The company’s welding robot lineup is sufficiently intuitive for users to be able to operate even only after one day of teaching, and the system can be turned ON/OFF anywhere in the world whenever Wi-Fi connected by using the Windows operating system. In addition, it also has a strong point in terms of maintenance such as checking the machine remotely.

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