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50 kW Stand-alone Hybrid Power Conversion System | Korean Products

October 18, 2018

50 kW Stand-alone Hybrid Power Conversion System[INQ. NO. 1807M07] ELT Inc. an enterprise specializing in eco-friendly energy, recently launched a 50kW stand-alone hybrid power conversion system (PCS) that can establish a microgrid and energy storage system (ESS). Stand-alone hybrid PCS is a product that can comprehensively control solar power equipment, battery, and power generation system. PCS is a device that converts the power of ESS that stores electricity produced in the power plant. It can be applied to the establishment of microgrid or ESS systems in small areas such as islands so that they can be self-sufficient in electricity.
The PCS developed by this Company can be used for establishing microgrid of both AC and DC distribution system. It improved efficiency by removing the DC and DC converter of the diesel generator. It has the maximum power point tracking (MPPT) function capable of maximum power generation for solar modules. It also extends battery life and can supply power continuously even when communication is interrupted.
ELT plans to supply 50kW stand-alone hybrid PCS to domestic mountain or island areas requiring construction of a small microgrid. ELT is striving to secure its own business model, such as participating in the demonstration project of the energy independent island, in cooperation with Korea Electric Power Corporation (KEPCO).
ELT is also carrying forward export to Southeast Asia, Africa and South America. Especially, we are actively working on the establishment of independent power supply infrastructure in overseas market based on the business experience acquired from the maintenance of solar inverters of KAKO New Energy, which is the global leader in design, procurement and construction (EPC) of the hybrid system in the Cobrador Island of Romblon, Philippine.
In the future, ELT plans to establish a solid position in the fields of microgrid establishment, hybrid power generation plant, commercialization of overseas distributed power supply, and energy independent islands.
In line with this, ELT plans to launch an upgraded, independent container power generation system that integrates solar, PCS, ESS, and diesel generators inside and outside the container.
CEO Yang Hee-won revealed his ambitions, saying “We have been recognized of our technological prowess and competence by participating in large microgrid and ESS projects both at home and abroad as well as 30 years of experience in electrical constructions. As a leading company in the renewable energy industry, we will possess efficiency and economy at the same time.” | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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