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October 18, 2018

Autonomous Driving Platforms & Services[INQ. NO. 1807M31] SpringCloud was founded in 2017 as a developer of autonomous driving platforms and services. With more than 10 years of experiences, know-hows, and technology in the field of automobile, SpringCloud is about to face a new challenge of autonomous driving platforms and services. In cooperation with the Infobank, a listed company in KOSDAQ, a SpringCloud is developing infrastructure for autonomous driving services and working with BlackBerry in Canada for security in autonomous driving. Recently, a SpringCloud entered into an exclusive national sales agreement with NAVYA, a French specialist in autonomous and electric shuttle buses and taxis, as the 1st step of autonomous driving services.
Based on their progress, SpringCloud is planning to select a section of motorway to operate autonomous driving shuttles in universities, hospitals, resorts, and theme parks for the general public, and will apply the services to numerous sectors, in cooperation with other companies, universities, and local governments via SpringGo Alliance.
Moreover, SpringCloud will provide a wide range of autonomous driving services from training and technical development to service operations by providing experience & demonstration services for autonomous driving shuttles, and will promote the autonomous driving for public services like rent-a-car and deliveries. In the 2nd phase of the plan, SpringCloud will establish a consortium for development of autonomous driving shuttle buses in South Korea, localizing the manufacture of the autonomous driving shuttle buses. SpringCloud will face the challenges of autonomous driving, construction of a smart city, public shuttle bus services for the vulnerable in public transportation, unmanned deliveries, and rent-a-car services, creating value via innovation and cooperation.
SpringGo C is a mobility platform for autonomous driving vehicles. The platform enables not only the conversion of production vehicles, but also the autonomous driving of variety of mobility, including the autonomous driving shuttle buses, carts, trucks, ships, special vehicles, and drones. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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