Brown Rice Cereal & Snack

Brown Rice Cereal & Snack Brown Rice Cereal and Honey Honey Snack are nutritional and HACCP-certified hygienic products that can be ingested safely by everyone from children to adults. It is manufactured with unique technology and know-how while being the only one in Korea with a serial manufacturing patent. It reproduces not only the original taste of the brown rice but also crispy texture. Rice is sourced from contracted farmers, and processed in the company-owned brown rice processing plant, using reliable materials. The finished products attract consumers offline and online through viral marketing. They are also exported to a variety of countries and are currently provided to a number of foreign buyers.
While brown rice is germinated, the amount of GABA, a kind of amino acid that exists in the brain, is naturally increased by 10 to 20 times. GABA, a brain cell neurotransmitter, is highly beneficial for researchers and students whose brains are always fatigued. It also strengthens the muscles.
These unique products are easy to market and superior to price competition. Without using sugar, salt, oil, pigment, incense, additives, it is produced for the health management of general patients suffering from diabetes and hypertension. Made by using pure agricultural ingredients, these products are also good for healthy people for their health preventive measures. In addition, it does not use any processed extracts such as functional ingredients, herbs, fermenting bacteria, enzymatic enzymes, etc.
UPO Rice Tech Co., Ltd. develops germinated brown rice with taste and nutrition in a fo#that can be easily ingested. Its brown rice cereals were developed for the first time in Korea and have acquired the manufacturing patents by development.
By securing competitiveness both at home and abroad, UPO Rice Tech is growing into a cooperative enterprise, further contributing to the national economy and the income of farmers by exporting more products. The company has also developed a functional food that can prevent and treat health by using germinated rice and agricultural products and has signed an MOU with industryacademia cooperation with Yuhan University to continuously study and promote healthy living for many people. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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