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October 18, 2018

Car Black Box[INQ. NO. 1807M28] Thinkware has recently announced that it will launch INAVI QXD1500 which is a premium connected black box equipped with INAVI Connected, having the real-time communication interlocking function and INAVI QXD1500 Black Panther Edition which is a marvel collaboration model.
INAVI QXD1500 is equipped with an INAVI Connected function that enables you to check the status of your car in real time through a dedicated smartphone app. Through this, you are provided with such functions as real time notification of the parking impact. Parking impact notification transmits the image at the time of impact, vehicle location identification informing you of the location of the parked car and parking time, remote power control to turn off the black box when battery voltage is lower than the permissible level, and car information display enabling you to check the car information such as battery level and gas mileage.
High image quality is also delivered. INAVI QXD1500, which implements front and rear FHD image quality, is also equipped with Ultra Night Vision, a night image quality solution. Adopting Sony Starvis and Exmore R Image Sensor, the latest Ambarella A12A CPU and INAVI CTS technology, the product shows brighter and clearer image than conventional products in night environment by enhancing the low light level sensitivity of night.
The recording function was also enhanced at the time of the car parking. INAVI QXD1500 is equipped with a radar function that pre-records images for 10 seconds before and after the impact by sensing the movement of nearby vehicles, a low-power design that enables parking to be recorded for 3 or more times longer than the existing products, and parking impact recording, Time Lapse which enables images to be stored for a long time by recording two frames per second and Format Free 2.0 which does not require periodic memory formatting, thereby making it possible to record images stably even in case of long-time parking.
A cutting-edge driver assistance system is also installed to help prevent accidents while driving. In addition to the front-car departure notification system which helps the driver start after waiting for the light to change or stopping, the lane departure detection system which notifies the driver in case the car deviates from the lane suddenly while driving and the front collision warning system which notifies the driver when the distance from the front car is close while driving, INAVI QXD1500 is equipped with the urban front collision warning system which notifies the driver of collision risk by recognizing the safety distance from the forward vehicle even under a low-speed driving conditions of 40 km or less per hour, thereby detecting and notifying the driver of risks which could occur while driving.
INAVI QXD1500 Black Panther Edition, the third marvel edition, will be released at the same time. In addition to the character applied to the front of the product, by using black and metallic purple reminiscent of the Black Panther suits as exterior main colors, more distinctive appearance was materialized. Also, by applying each element to the operated software such as user interface, the marvel edition shows its own worthy features.
Thinkware explained, “INAVI QXD1500 is a product that can manage vehicle steadily with the real-time connected technology as well as high-end image quality of front and rear FHD and various functions. As both basic edition and the Black Panther Edition have been released simultaneously, providing drivers with a wide range of choice, we think this product will be able to satisfy the drivers with high functions and differentiation.”
INAVI QXD1500 consists of three kinds of packages – basic, marvel, and connected. The price of each package: KRW369,000 for basic package, KRW429,000 for basic connected package, KRW389,000 for marvel package, and KRW449,000 for marvel connected package based on 32G memory respectively; and KRW419,000 for basic package, KRW479,000 for basic connected package, KRW439,000 for marvel package, and KRW499,000 for marvel connected package respectively based on 64G memory. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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