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Food Pack & Mask Pack | Korean Products

October 18, 2018

Food Pack & Mask Pack PACK series, the representative product of ETTANG brand, is a single-use pack used by Pouring Formula01 color food base and Formula02 essence of liquid type into the standing pouch and then mixing them. This product is a new-concept modeling pack (rubber pack) that has supplemented shortcomings of the existing powder modeling pack and enhanced convenience and feeling of use from the customer’s perspective.
A modeling pack and spatula for single use are provided in the standing pouch, and as it has adopted the method of Pouring Formula01 color food base and Formula02 essence into the standing pouch and using the mixture, this product is easy to carry and can be used conveniently anywhere. COOK PACK series uses foods of four colors including black, white, yellow and red as the raw materials in order to keep one’s skin moisturized for a long time by adding abundant moisture to the dull and sagging skin along with soothing, glowing, nutrients and elasticity.
COOK PACK series provides one with the fun of directly making and using the healthy food pack and revives the natural skin beauty like a salad that releases the flavors of fresh ingredients.
Vitamin IV Sleeping Mask is an intravenous moisturizer pack that makes one’s skin clean and moist as the vitamin shield replenishes moisture and nutrition to one’s skin while asleep. With four multivitamins of B3, B5, B8, and B9, you can feel the improvement of the skin tone and elasticity, and moisturizing effect at a time. Moreover, the strong hydro wax gel moisturizing shield protects your skin from external harmful substances and prevents moisture evaporation.
This product is a moisturizing pack to be applied before sleeping. The aqua shield that is formed while sleeping protects the moisture allowing it to be absorbed smoothly, thereby making your skin bright and elastic the next day. It is packed in a spouted pouch and easy to use in portions as you need it. Vitamin IV Sleeping Mask supplies vitamin to the tired skin and blocks water evaporation out of the skin, thereby keeping one’s skin clean and moist all the time.
SKINLEADER Co., Ltd. is a cosmetics company established for producing cosmetics beneficial to people by using goodquality raw materials. After setting up a framework for export in 2014, we began to launch the global beauty chains from 2015, such as SEPHORA in Europe, L’etoile in Russia, Urban Outfitters in the USA, Sally Beauty in Mexico, etc. Currently, we export our products actively to more than 40 countries throughout the world including 16 countries in Europe, North America (the USA, Mexico, and Canada), Southeast Asia, Russia, China, and Japan. The healthy and creative cosmetics produced only by SKINLEADER are positioned as the center of K-BEAUTY through continuous research and development of products and creative marketing strategy.
ETTANG, the representative brand of SKINLEADER, is a new concept naturalism brand which has enhanced customer satisfaction by using only good raw materials from Korean soil and adding the fun of seeing and using it, as well as providing excellent effects through ceaseless researches. ETTANG is making creative products of SKINLEADER only by thinking from the customers’ perspective and based on fresh ideas. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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