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October 18, 2018

Set-top Type Navigation System[INQ. NO. 1807M29] Thinkware recently announced that it will launch ‘INAVI X3 Cube’, a set-top type navigation system compatible with both domestic and imported cars. INAVI X3 Cube is a set-top type navigation system that can use the INAVI navigation function as a genuine form through a set-top box installation and it can be installed if LCD is embedded in the car.
In addition, the related party of the company explains that INAVI X3 Cube is a product that can enhance the satisfaction of domestic and imported car drivers who have had a limited choice in navigation use by applying Extreme AR which is an augmented reality solution, extreme ADAS which is the latest driver assistance system used by largest users in Korea and INAVI Extreme Air 3D which is the real-world 3D map.
Extreme AR, an augmented reality solution embedded in INAVI X3 Cube, has enhanced the color expressiveness by applying HD camera and Sony Starvis image sensor and provides a clear image even at night as well as in daytime by adopting the night vision which raised the nighttime low light level by more than 100 times.
In addition, as functions such as warning of the rear blind zone, notification of lane change or departure, etc. were added, INAVI X3 Cube has enhanced intuitiveness for route guidance and information delivery function for safe driving.
The advanced driver assistance system has newly adopted the pedestrian detection warning that senses and notifies the driver of an unexpected situation such as a person jumping on the road or jaywalking when driving at a speed of less than 20 km per hour and the forward collision warning which has added the urban function that calculates the speed of your car and the front car in real-time in the low-speed driving of 30km or slower per hour in addition to the high-speed driving and notifies the driver of the situation to prevent collision. Thus, INAVI X3 Cube supports the largest level of functions such as existing lane departure detection systems, front-car departure alerts, traffic light change alerts, rapid-curb deceleration alarm systems. etc.
In addition, functions such as T-Link which is a telematics service, 3D map which has adopted new themes including nature, modern, cartoon, illustration etc., and HD DMB have been applied to expand the usability of the navigation system.
The related party of Thinkware explained, “As a product enhancing the usability of imported cars’ navigation system, INAVI X3 Cube can provide the drivers with flexibility to choose. It will become a product that can enhance users’ satisfaction with efficient and safe driving support like the HD augmented reality solution and the state-of-the-art driver support system as well as various infotainment functions.”
The basic price of INAVI X3 Cube with 64G will be KRW649,000 including an AR camera. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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