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October 18, 2018

Submersible Aerator[INQ. NO. 1807M09] KISAN Machinery Inc., a specialized manufacturer of submersible equipment, producing submersible pumps, submersible agitators, submersible aeration devices, blowers, diffusers, and various other kinds of pumps.
KISAN Machinery Inc. exhibited a submersible aerator, a vortex pump for wastewater and sewage, etc. in the International Exhibition on environmental technology & green energy held recently, showing its own expertise. The KAQU type submersible aerator that was operated first-hand in the exhibition hall sucks in air using self-suction power formed at the perimeter of the impeller due to the centrifugal force of wastewater and sewage generated by rotation of the impeller directly connected to the motor. The sucked air is mixed with water in a guide vane and a gas-liquid mixed flow is discharged. In the guide vane, high oxygen dissolution efficiency is obtained by gas-liquid mixing, stirring convective effect and micro-bubble generation.
Characteristics of this product are that it can be used in connection with the air supply tube, used for stirring and supply of air, and excellent in the oxygen transfer ability due to its highly efficient design. This submersible aerator is applicable to sewage, aeration of wastewater treatment plants and aeration of septic tanks of industrial factories.
In case of the submersible vortex pump for wastewater and sewage, the impeller is especially designed in the swirl type, thus preventing water from getting clogged or swirled.
In addition, as the impeller is of the swirl type, the pump has a long service life due to few frictions with various sewage and filth. This pump is suitable for drainage of residential, industrial and urban wastewater, drainage of rainwater or spring water, and intake of agricultural water.
And the horizontal (reducing gear) submersible agitator (KAHG) rotates at low speed (300rpm), thereby extending the bearing life. It can treat up to 2500cp if it is directly connected to motor and up to 5000cp in the case of reducing gear. This submersible agitator is suitable for agitation of high-density liquid, agitation for saving electric power, agitation for preventing precipitation, agitation of living wastewater treatment tanks, destruction of floating matters and prevention of precipitation.
Since its establishment in 1996, KISAN Machinery Inc. has been growing as a specialized submersible equipment manufacturer with world-class competitiveness based on ceaseless challenges and bold investment in new technology development. The company is registered as Excellent Joint Brand (pumpro) including many patent certificates, presidential citations and various awards due to new technology development. It is a trusted company that was certified with KS B 6321, which is a Korean industrial standard, together with ISO 9001 which is the international quality standard. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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