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TS (Time Stop) Quick Freezing System | Korean Products

October 18, 2018

TS (Time Stop) Quick Freezing System[INQ. NO. 1807M06] Could it be possible to maintain the natural taste of food with the frozen food? Usually, when the food is frozen, cell membranes are destroyed and as a result, the texture and taste of the food is significantly reduced. In the academic circles, after an experiment to maintain taste, color and flavor, researchers have found out that cells became frozen before bursting if they were rapidly frozen to a cryogenic temperature of -60°C. TS (Time Stop) quick freezing means freezing everything at supersonic speed like stopping time in order to prevent cell membranes from getting destroyed and ensure the same quality of fresh food after thawing. The biggest advantage of TS quick freezing is that it can complement the problems of existing frozen foods (taste, smell, color, etc., which are significantly inferior to fresh food).
If the frozen food is manufactured with the TS quick freezing system of Seilufreezeer, penetration of moisture into the object is minimized and the drip phenomenon is significantly reduced during thawing. Quick freezing is required for the sake of the quality similar to fresh food.
As the object is exposed to a cryogenic temperature of -50°C to -60°C, its cells freeze before bursting. Due to rapid freezing, moisture hardly penetrates into the object. In case of tuna, since it is frozen to a cryogenic temperature of -50°C to -60°C, there is almost no water penetration and the water molecules in the material do not move. Therefore, the cell membrane of the object is not destroyed. As the water molecules are thawed in the same state as that before freezing, the freshness, taste and flavor of the material will come back as they were. A frozen food will come back as a fresh food as it stands. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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