Various Wallets & Bags[INQ. NO. 1810C03] Milos and Molto are money clips to accommodate six membership cards or credit cards and memos and business cards on both sides to enhance the usability of the existing four-card products. This product is finished cleanly by coloring all the corners in luxury style by hand differently from the existing methods.
In particular, unlike other clips produced by press work, these beautiful clips are made by the forging method, so are less sharp.
Shining Star Corporation has more than ten years experience in manufacturing, selling, and exporting fashion accessories, character goods, such as wallets, handbags, and bags, and brand licensed products, cultural products, stationery, and accessories, such as KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON. The company is preparing to become an IT business in the fashion industry aiming at exporting its Masstiege high-end products to the world.
Since 2016, Shining Star Corporation has been producing ICT fusion products that combine IT technology with fashion products to create new added value through the paradigm of the 4th industrial age. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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