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October 22, 2018

Blasting Abrasives ECOCIEL Co., Ltd. is an enterprise steadily contributing to the technology of the environmental industry, while solving the problems of time required, cost, land use and the environmental damage resulting from the slag that unavoidably occurs in the steel-making process. YUJIN ECOCIEL possesses patent technologies that utilize SQT (Slag Quenching Technology) to produce high value-added materials and recycle such results as the raw materials of steel making.
The SC BALL (Steel Compound Ball) reproduced from the steel making slag, which is a by-product of steel making, by using SQT (Slag Quenching Technology) is a material that has a stable molecular structure and does not include heavy metal. It is sold as the raw material for iron making, subsidiary raw material for steel making, and material for abrasives, filtration media for water treatment, water permeable block, weight material, etc. in the steel mill (sintering). It is also an eco-friendly new material which reduced 0.5 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions by recycling 0.13 million tons of steel slag as of 2017.
SC BALL, which is a blasting abrasive used as a high added value material, is a sandblasting material used for the surface preparation of new shipbuilding and repair shipbuilding, steel structure, storeroom of oils and chemical agents, and offshore construction. When blasting, it generates less dust than conventional abrasives (silica, copper slag, or garnet), is comparatively free from the dangerous work environment or the risk that workers get sick and is suitable for outdoor field blasting.

In terms of performance, it has earned the SA3 of the SIS standard (SSPC, SP5) for the first time in Korea with support from the Korea Testing and Research Institute (KTR Ulsan), thereby getting externally recognized for its quality and versatility. Its economic features are that it has the surface preparation capacity of 40-60 m3 per ton, can be reused (two times or more), and its price is about 30% ~ 40% of that of garnet.
In addition, with a stable productive capacity of 0.25 million tons per year, YUJIN ECOCIEL has contributed to the stabilization of supply and solved the problem of resource depletion as a substitute for the natural resource (garnet).
SC BALL, an eco-friendly material, forms a product line by performance and size ranging from 0.2-0.6mm/0.2- 1.0mm for the oil tank or plant material to 0.6-1.0mm/0.6- 2.0mm/1.0-2.0mm for rust removal of the oil tank or abrasives for domestic and foreign repair shipbuilding. It can be produced in various sizes according to the customers’ diverse needs.
After the quality of SC BALL was recognized in 2017, the company has concluded an agreement with a specialized blasting company in the Middle East, and expanded its customers in Kuwait. As a result, YUJIN ECOCIEL got the product approval from the state-owned enterprises including Kuwait Oil Company, the Ministry of Electricity & Water of Kuwait and Kuwait Integrated Petroleum Industries and now exports its products to the Kuwait market, while also expanding exports to China, Southeast Asia, etc. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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