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Digital Sticker Multi Blade Die-cutting Machine | Korean Products

October 22, 2018

Digital Sticker Multi Blade Die-cutting Machine Inc., a Korean venture company established in July 2004, is a globalized enterprise that produces and distributes machines for printing/post process, providing various products and solutions in the visualization and digital printing market.
Valloy has been established by marketing and digital imaging specialists having more than 10 years of experiences in the areas of marketing and development for various digital solutions including software, imaging device, machine, assembly, consumables, board and sign printing used in the advertisement market, fabric printing, interior decoration and label/packaging.
DUOBLADE F, Valloy’s Digital roll-to-roll, multi-blade die-cutting machine, cuts the label by moving two blades simultaneously with the high-speed servo motor in order to supplement the slow speed which was an endemic problem of the conventional blade die-cutting machine, thereby enabling works at a cutting speed more than three times higher than other products on the market. In addition, if you set two cutting pressures for each blade as required, this product can perform the kiss-cut and the full-cut simultaneously by adjusting the pressure automatically according to the pressure setting application value of the cutting line. Also, the cutting error is 0.1mm, enabling a very precise cutting.
In addition, equipped with a high-capacity automatic feeding system, this product supports the unmanned production process by stably feeding up to 1,000 sheets of maximum 360mm (W) x 840mm (H) size paper and a vacuum suction rubber roller and an air brush are installed to prevent paper jamming due to static electricity during the media transportation.
The gap between the cutting heads is automatically adjusted by the touch screen operation, and the paper collection box supported by the advanced shock absorber can be folded to save space while not operated. DUOBLADE F is the first high-speed, high-capacity commercial label cutting machine exclusively for cut sheet, boasting a cute cubic shape suitable for office with the size of a washing machine.
DUOBLADE F, which can be used with most of the super A3 printers like offset printers or XEROX in the situation that supply of roll-to-roll label printers is insufficient on the market, is the optimal solution for the customers who want production of custom stickers or label sheets. Therefore, this product claims customers’ attention both at home and abroad. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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