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October 22, 2018

Multipurpose Amphibious Dredger Dredging Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in engineering related to dredging equipment manufacturing, dredging construction, and dredging machines. The company owns the original technology by developing and supplying dredging equipment (eco-friendly dredger, amphibious dredger, eco-friendly dredged soil separator, eco-friendly underwater dredger, etc.) currently being used by domestic companies, and also possesses patents for multipurpose amphibious dredgers, eco-friendly dredgers, eco-friendly dredged soil separators and methods, eco-friendly underwater dredgers and methods.
Existing dredgers are difficult not only to use at the site of inland waters but also for utilization variously at dredging construction sites because they are segregated into pump dredgers, bucket dredgers, and grab dredgers. Baekkun Dredging’s amphibious dredger is easy to transport, assemble, and dissemble, and it is a multipurpose amphibious dredger that allows performing various dredging functions depending on the site conditions.

It can be manufactured in sizes suitable for use in small or medium-sized dredging sites like rivers, reservoirs, streams, drains, or lakes where large dredgers are not easy to be deployed, and allows various works including the disposal of sediment like soil or gravel, reeds, water tank, underwater waste or sewage.
Multipurpose dredging (Cutter Pumps, Excavator Buckets, Clam Shell Buckets, and Rakes) is possible through Baekkun Dredging’s amphibious dredger. Self assembling, dissembling, and transportation are so easy that input cost s f or the dredging site can be saved drastically. It has amphibious function movable both on land and underwater without a separate berth facility. It can be operated without help by other tenders, enabling one to save operation costs. It is an economical dredger where all operation can be performed by two persons only, enabling savings on labor costs.
Recently, Baekkun Dredging exported five dredgers to the Bangladesh government and Indonesian private company, and has plans to export to other countries including Sri Lanka and the Philippines. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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