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October 22, 2018

Screen & Filtration Systems its establishment in 2001, Will Screen & Plant Co., Ltd. has designed directly screen and filter processing systems where “V” shape stainless steel profile wedge wire was applied based on long-term research and development, provided customized manufacturing, and received high praise from domestic and foreign companies in respective industries.
Will Screen & Plant has secured technical competitiveness such as having company research facilities and possessing various screen facility patents through constant technical development; on the other hand, it is operating an efficient management system and assuring the quality according to ISO international certified standards.
Will Screen & Plant’s screen and filter system products are being used broadly in various industries, and they have a wide variety of types and items because all of them are customized production, so they may be somewhat unfamiliar to the public. However, you may understand this company’s products easier if you consider all of the products as screening parts or installations for raw material filtration process or water treatment and the company as a manufacturer that provides screening solutions for plant process technology.



Screens are used as a semi-permanent part in industrial process equipment and broadly used in various industries; used and installed in the petrochemical industry mainly with chemical products such as catalysts, media, and molecular in reactor pressure vessels; and applied to sludge filtering processes or filter products in the water treatment industry.



This company is not just producing screen parts but also designs, manufactures, and supplies processing systems. Although there are many types of industrial filters, the main items of this company are auto backwashing filters and cartridge filters, and the company supplies various screening equipment for raw material filtration process and water treatment, specially in Refinery plants, EPDM plants, coal/nuclear power plants, desalination plants and LPG/LNG Plant so on.


Water & Wastewater Equipment

Drum Screens, Mechanical Bar Screens, Sieve Screens, Intake Screens, and Well Screens are typical sewage/waste water disposal equipment, all used as water treatment equipment filtering residue (sludge). Each product has a different design according to its purpose and use thus there are various models that are customized and manufactured by customer request and need. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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