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October 22, 2018

Steel Board for Concrete Block Making Machine Industries is a leading company specializing in steel board for concrete blocks and supplies the best quality products to customers in over 60 countries based on “putting the interests of customers before everything else.”
Steel board for concrete block is the main item of this company and comes in two types: Wow Board’ and ‘Wow Board alpha. The biggest difference between these two products is structural. Wow Board is made of solid steel plate; while Wow Board alpha is a steel board consisting of a structure self-developed by Samjung Industries including an inner vibration pad and, reinforcement. The common features of these two products are as follows:
First, they are produced using high-quality raw materials. This companyorders customized raw materials from POSCO instead o f using cheap scrap steel, and produces products using the raw materials ordered according to the contract with the customer. Because all products for the customer are produced with one LOT, they have identical components and identical thickness and also can provide the same results of properties such as vibration transmissibility that affects concrete block production.

Second, the stress relief process is applied. During the manufacturing from raw materials to steel board, stress is intensified in the material, and this residual stress may cause transformation like distortion in the product.Samjung releases residual stress accumulated in the product through a four-step leveling process to which 7mm or longer wave is applied to prevent transformation that may occur during the product use.In addition to the above typical features, rounding processed corners and soft edges are applied for users’ safety and to prevent damage to the machine.
Its new product, Wow Board Alpha also has the following features, along with above features.
First, it is made of steel but is light as plastic or wooden products, so it reduces damage to the machine and allows easier handling.
Second, although it becomes lighter with self-developed inner structure, it is stronger and also provides excellent vibration transmissibility that ensures production of high-quality concrete blocks.
Third, almost perfect corrosion resistance is secured by applying stainless materials. You can be assured of consistent quality of steel board even in high temperature and humid block producing environment.
All of Samjung Industries’ steel board can be customized according to the customer’s request size. Samjung Industries, a company that puts the interests of customers before everything else! We promise the highest customer satisfaction with the best-quality products. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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