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October 25, 2018

Bathroom Equipment foot is sometimes referred to as the miniature of a human body or another heart.
Bodraon Massage Foot Spa is designed to help women whose foot health is threatened due to wearing high heels, those tired from busy working lives, people who have cold hands and feet, and exhausted housewives. In particular, the footbath is good for people who spend more time sitting or standing than moving their bodies and those whose feet get easily swollen and tired. Pregnant women and elderly people can also be helped by taking a foot bath to overcome fatigue through improved blood circulation.
Having acquired KC and CB certifications, Bodraon Massage Foot Spa has combined functions of thermotherapy, bubble massage, and acupressure roller massage. It is also equipped with a safe temperature control system that automatically shuts offafter 60 minutes of use.
Alphalock Turbo Spin (Power Scrubber) is a wireless bathroom cleaner that can be used conveniently by rotating the brush to clean bathrooms and kitchens. It includes three replaceable brushes that can be used according to the condition of the place to be cleaned and a powerful and fast rotating motor to remove water and dirt in the bathroom. It is easy to use and the length can be adjusted depending on the purpose.
Alphalock Washing Machine is equipped with a small but powerful motor that can adjust the time and frequency freely from a minimum of three minutes to a maximum of 15 minutes. It can be operated separately on spin-dry for shoes, swimwear, mops, etc.

Supreme Merchant Co., Ltd is specialized in the distribution and marketing of products through the integrated operation of online and offline sales networks. Established in 2007, the company develops innovative products and provides high-quality services throughout the world.
Supreme Merchant exports the Bodraon Massage Foot Spa to Thailand, and Vietnam and bathroom cleaners and car visors to Taiwan as well as various other countries | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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