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October 26, 2018

Automating Die & Mold Change System GI is a company that manufactures typical rapid mold changers in Korea. The advantages of CHEON GI’s rapid mold changer include functionality, economic feasibility, and safety. First of all, the ‘functionality’ provides highly durable and various systematical components.
It can withstand even poor operating conditions such as high speed, vibration, high temperature, and humidity, and its outstanding functionality is not limited when it is used for various purposes. Also, adapting the automatic changing method, it can change a large mold within a few minutes, reducing the changing time and enhancing economical effects.
Moreover, by adapting a non-touch clamp and mechanical lock clamp design, it can eliminate problems such as dangerous manual operation or mold drop, and is equipped with mutual safety controller to maximize the operator’s safety.
Its types include various high functional products: Hi Clamp KY type recommended for large mold or a workplace that requires high levels of safety; Hi Clamp TK type applicable to medium and large injection molding; AFSY type whose safety and functionality are recognized in large press; Hi Clamp GY type suitable to home types that can be safely mounted on press molds; Hi Clamp TM type and Hi Clamp GS type suitable to standardized molds.
Also, different from its rivals, CHEON GI produces, processes, assembles, installs, and follows up directly more than 90% of products. Therefore, checking ability for production, product quality, and follow-up can be counted as the strengths of CHEON GI.
CHEON GI is dedicated to constant product technical research & development and quality improvement. In addition, its quality is praised not just in Korea but also through trading with overseas companies. CHEON GI will make every endeavor to satisfy customers from their point of view under the management philosophy of customer satisfaction. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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