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October 26, 2018

Drilling Equipment and Tools

http://korean-products.com/inquiryAs a company specialized in manufacturing of drilling equipment and tools, Chang Shin International exports its products to more than 40 countries around the world. For potentially emerging overseas markets of this year, Chang Shin International decided to select its three flagship products – Waroc water hammer, CS power hammer, and CS power button bit- as its strategic players that can lead its overseas drive.


Waroc Water Hammer

Waroc, CSI’s water hammer, is operated by high-pressure water from a water pump instead of air compressors. So it can lead to dramatic savings on energy and other resources.
And Waroc water hammer is designed to protect the environment by using water from a recycling system. It also does not need lubrication oil for hammering, so there is nothing to worry about water & soil pollution because of oil sludge.


CS Power Hammer

CS power hammer is a mechanical hammer, operated by compressed air. The upper part is connected to a drill pipe from a rotary head of a drilling machine, and the lower part a bit. CS poser hammer is optimized to meet the demand for quick work in the processes of anchoring, quarry job, constructions and water well drilling. And these days, it is also being widely used in geothermal development field.


CS Power Button Bit

While the hammer hitting, button bit transmits energy directly to the rock base and accomplishes its function of cracking, CSI has accumulated expertise in designing and producing all kinds of button bits. Especially, Chang Shin International specializes in producing tungsten carbide bits for better cutting power and faster penetration speed.
Regarding such business areas, Chang Shin International is currently committed to all of the essential processes – designing every module needed for drilling works, producing, marketing, changing parts, consulting, and maintaining & repairing. This helped the company secure exclusive competitiveness in the drilling industry. Its current major business partners for hammers & bits are: ROCBIT in South Africa, PRE-MAT in Singapore, and BESTMA in the United States. The company’s total sales as of 2017 amounted to US$5 million, consisting of US$1.5 million in domestic markets and US$ 3.5 million in overseas markets.
One of its R&D projects is to develop further the state-of the- art drilling system as a new application of DTH drilling. Equipped with high technology and competitiveness in domestic and global markets, Chang Shin International takes pride in supplying top-quality drilling products.

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