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October 26, 2018

Facilities used in Cement Plants, Steel Mills and Forge Shops

http://korean-products.com/inquiryKolyu Precision, established in 2002, is an enterprise manufacturing and repairing the facilities used in cement plants, steel-making mills and forge shops. Kolyu Precision manufacture support rollers, polycom rollers, hammer crushers, front walls, roller bodies, etc., which are the facilities for pulverization of limestone and production of cement products. Products are made to order and can also be repaired. Kolyu Precision provide products and repair services to such companies as Lafarge Cement and Holcim Cement of Malaysia and Indonesia, TASEK of Malaysia, etc. and also has entered the markets of Thailand and Vietnam to supply cylinder heads, tie rods, shafts, etc.
The segment for producing bloom of the steel-making facilities requires proper cooling and pulling force as it generates high stress. Particularly, the product of Kolyu Precision is designed for easy roll exchanging and fueling as it has fewer deformations due to sufficient cooling function and also has large pulling force, thereby helping enhance the productivity. We manufacture fixed sectors, pinch rolls, oscillating frames, molds, etc.
Kolyu Precision is also producing the main cylinder of the 3,000-ton and 5,000-ton hydraulic forging press for forging shops. In addition, based on its rich experience and technology, we produce a standardized, economical and lightweight industrial reducer (Gear Box).


The vacuum booster pump realizes the function of vacuum, self-priming and pressurization using the rotary piston pump that sucks and compresses by a rotating triangular rotor and it has been developed by our company and Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute. This product has such advantages as discharging liquid quickly and easily and enhancing the pump efficiency due to less friction loss.
Kolyu Precision has a system covering the range from design to production on the basis of faith that “Quality is productivity.” Achieving competitiveness at reasonable prices, delivery and quality based on the excellent technological prowess, Kolyu Precision exports its products to the market of Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam. Since 2017, Kolyu Precision has developed a highperformance pump in collaboration with the Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute and are producing pumps with vacuum & self-priming & booster with the maximum functionality. In order enhance its core competencies through active and creative management and grow into an enterprise that is full of love and gratitude along with our customers, all of its employees are striving to create new technologies.

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