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Hydraulic Cylinder | Korean Products

October 26, 2018

Hydraulic Cylinder Co., Ltd. started as Hain Precision Industry in 1987 and produced various industrial machine parts including automobile parts, agricultural machine parts, and elevator parts. Since the company was designated as an OEM company for Dongyang Mechatronics (current, DYPOWER) in 2006, it has produced hydraulic cylinders used in various construction machines including excavators, forklifts, tower wagons, and skid loaders.
Hydraulic cylinder is a machine part transmitting power using hydraulic pressure, and applied to various industrial machines including excavators, forklifts, tower wagons, agricultural machines, and special vehicles. Since 2006, HIMC has produced hydraulic cylinders only, and provided customized manufacturing rather than standardized cylinders according to the customer’s design and the machine conditions. Now, the company is producing all kinds of cylinders used in arm, booms, buckets, dozers, rams, outriggers, lifts, tilts, side shift cylinders, and so forth.
As HIMC processes its hydraulic cylinders with selfproduced SRB (Skiving Roller Burnishing), they have better durability and working performance than existing products. The company is producing tubes up to Ø 250 mm of bore, 3000 mm of length, and 750kgf/cm2 of test pressure. Contamination level for cleaner and hydraulic fluid is managed in NAS (National Aerospace Standard) class 7, and measured periodically, once a week. Because the company has its own manufacturing for head covers, rod covers, pistons, and parts required in manufacturing hydraulic cylinders, it has a system that can respond in a timely manner, even for small quantity orders.
In 2013, the company acquired quality class certification (A-CLASS) from HITACHI Japan, and passed KOMATSU’s plant quality certificate evaluation. In addition to hydraulic cylinders for existing construction machines, currently, the company is also producing hydraulic cylinders for agricultural machines such as tractors, combines, riceplanting machines, and various special vehicles such as garbage trucks, dump trucks, and trailers. It is producing 110 types of over 10,000 units per month, and developing various products constantly. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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