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October 26, 2018

Packing Machines Vinci Corporation is specialized in packing machines and PVC wrap film. Started its business in 1996, Glo- Lee Vinci has until now been exporting them to overseas market more than 20countries.
Glo-Lee Vinci can offer you most competitive price, and thus can satisfy its customer’s demand and needs. It is determined to further do its best to meet its entire customers’ requirements continuously and be sincere partner with potential customers in both the nation and overseas markets.


Hand Wrapper

Hand wrapper is among the company’s most representative items that can potentially lead its overseas drive for this year. This is highly suitable for wrapping food, fruits, etc. As apparently, it has strong body and long durability. Certified with CE, it ensures good quality of processed products. The body of this wrapping machine is made of stainless steel for cleanliness. The cutting edge and heating plate can be used separately by the customer’s needs.
This adopts semi-permanent stainless steel cutter, allowing the users to enjoy economical benefits. This wrapper can conveniently control the temperature of the heating plate. This is entirely made of stainless steel for prevention of rust and corrosion caused by moisture and salt. The combined operation of adhesion and cutting film is possible. The temperature of heating plate can be adjusted easily by one touch of the electronic control box.


PVC Wrap Film

PVC wrap from the company prevents moisture from food evaporation and keeps fish, vegetables, fruits and meats as fresh as possible with excellent oxygen permeability. In addition, its perfect sanitation management system helps automatic packing for your safe use.
For this year, GLO-LEE VINCI will seek more aggressive drive for targeted potential overseas markets for its key export items based on continuously accumulated reliance and specific results. While vigorously knocking the doors of opportunities in overseas markets, the company will invest in R&D in order to sustainable growth in both domestic markets and abroad. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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