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October 26, 2018

Vacuum Pumps supplies its cutting-edge vacuum pump of global quality based on its self-developed technology and accumulated know-how of development. More than 30 years of research and performance improvement are connected to new application fields and innovative products. Its vacuum pump and compressor are recognized for outstanding performance and technological prowess in the air solution industry, and the company has established a position as a global leader in the vacuum industry.
The cutting-edge vacuum pump of DOOVAC is made of high-quality materials, and its quality is managed in compliance with the certification standards of ISO9001, CE and RoHs. The computerized control process of the automatic processing facilities guarantees production of the standardized and precise products. Even in cases where the vacuum pump operation has come to a halt, the DOOVAC vacuum pump remains safe as a check valve is installed at the inlet port in order to prevent the backflow of oil.
As the vacuum pump of this type uses oil for keeping lubrication and vacuum of the rotating part, a stable and reliable vacuum can be obtained, and thus this product can be applied to various industries.
This product can be used in any environment because of air cooling, recycling of the lubricating oil, built-in oil dust filter for clean exhaust air, low noise and low vibration.
In addition, this product can be used for a long time as it is easy to maintain by applying a simplified handling method such as a simple structure and air cooling system. When oil change is required, you need not replace other consumables at the same time. Direct coupling drive using the flange type motor of international standard reduces power consumption and pump weight, and maintenance is very easy. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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