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November 8, 2018

Baby Bathroom Products, a baby goods brand, uses Ecocert, certified natural raw materials that do not cause carcinogens, allergies, atopy, and toxins that are harmful to humans.
The non-fluoride Baby Toothpaste is for babies who cannot spit out themselves. Made from natural ingredients, this non-toxic toothpaste helps baby’s oral development. No fluorine or surfactant is added on behalf of children’s safety.
Eco-Mamiae contains no artificial fragrance or artificial coloring, but by adding strawberry flavor, it keeps the baby’s teeth healthy. Also containing the organically certified natural ingredients such as Calendula extract, Eucalyptus extract, Aloe Vera extract, it can be used safely by children and babies.
Eco-Mamiae Baby Shampoo and Eco-Mamiae Baby Wash are made from naturally derived moisturizing factors and substances rich in nutrients to keep the children’s sensitive scalp and hair moist, while the nutrients help ease itching from dryness as well as adding luster. These products help maintain the balance of tender and sensitive infantile skin, causing no irritation even when it enters the eyes because it contains mild and non-stimulating substances developed for children’s skin. In addition, they make the hair glossy by providing protein and ample nutrients.
Founded in 2007, MAMIAE Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in the production and distribution of baby products by using long-accumulated know-how. The company devotes itself to eco-friendly products using only certified raw materials, while constantly pursuing safety, non-toxicity, and convenience, and high-quality through rigorous product management.
Within Korea, MAMIAE distributes its products online and offline via Shilla Duty-Free Shop and other networks. Based on its excellent brand recognition, MAMIAE has been introduced in local exhibitions in China and the expansion of its exports to China is in the process.
Currently, the company has been increasing its export to famous department stores and offline children’s goods stores in China as well as top platforms in China such as,,, and | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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