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DNA Purification & Extraction Kit | Korean Products

November 8, 2018

DNA Purification & Extraction Kit


GENTi, an automated nucleic acid purification system, is flexible and capable of simultaneous sample preparation of DNA and viral N/A down to the highest level of integrity toward successful downstream applications. The simple and straight-forward process of proven magnetic bed technology offers the ultra-fast performance of up to 32 samples within 20 to 30 minutes, allowing one more free time with rapid automated processing. The dedicated range of two universal GENTi kit is a one-step solution to process various types of the specimen for wider applications.


Exgene Cell SV

This product provides a rapid and simple method for the purification of total DNA from a wide range of organisms including bacterial cells, yeast, cultured cells, whole blood, and blood derivatives. The pure DNA can be acquired in just 30 minutes and this can be directly used in various applications such as PCR, Southern blotting and other enzymatic reactions.


Exgene Soil DNA Mini

This product provides a convenient method for the isolation of total DNA from soil samples. This kit utilizes powerful beads, an optimized buffer system and advanced silica binding technology to purify nucleic acid suitable for many applications. These complex systems of this kit can deal with a number of different types of samples in the soil including plant tissues, bacteria, fungi spores, and others. In addition, it efficiently removes humic acid contents and other PCR inhibitors from various soil samples.


Ribospin vRD II

This product provides a convenient method for isolation of RNA and DNA from the cell-free fluid, cell-culture supernatant, plasma, serum, swab, urine, and virus-infected samples. RibospinTM vRD II procedures employed glass fiber membrane technology for the fastest and the most convenient of high purity RNA and DNA isolation, instead of conventional alcohol recipitation or phenol/chloroform extraction. RibospinTM vRD II buffer system provides the effective binding condition of RNA and DNA to a glass fiber membrane filter, and the impurities on the membrane are washed away by two different wash buffers. At last, pure RNA and DNA are eluted by nuclease-free water. The whole procedure takes only 15 minutes and the purified nucleic acid is suitable for PCR, RT-PCR, or any downstream application without further manipulation.


Ribospin II Total RNA

This product provides extraction of RNA of high purity and integrity with a simple, safer process using non-organic reagents. Bubble formation minimized with enhanced lysis buffer system and the whole procedure can be completed in 30 minutes. DNase I included for pure RNA under 10 minutes guarantees sensitivity and purity.
GeneAll Biotechnology has been leading the Korean life science industry since 1999 and is the second largest player in the Korean molecular biology market.. Along with a number of specialists majored in life science and experienced in life science research market for over 10 years, GeneAll is focused on manufacturing high-quality products of nucleic acid extraction/purification kits and automated system. With KGMP, ISO 13485, CE-IVD certifications, GeneAll Biotechnology prides itself on providing only products of consistent, industry-standard quality, providing 80 different kits equipped with in-house produced silica membrane columns. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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