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November 8, 2018

Play Mats for Kids 3D AR (Augmented Reality) Mat, Original Folder Mat, Playroom Pastel Folder Mat, Scandi Folder Mat, a Northern European style play mat, produced by ARENDEL Co., Ltd., a global baby goods specialist company, are independent mat products distinguished from the conventional mats. They come in various designs according to the house structure and circumstances. Its independent structure instead of 3-stage or 4-stage ensures an easy transfer. Equipped with an excellent shock absorbing function, it protects the infant or elderly person from injuries. The 8-layer rainbow shock absorber minimizes the interlayer noise to prevent friction with the neighbors. They have passed the heavy metal test such as Cadmium lead, and environmental hormone test such as formaldehyde.
Other folder mats generally consist of a one set of four pieces, making it hard to use flexibly according to the structure of the house, and can be used only in a limited space, whereas Mirabel’s independent playmats are made in velcro type, and can thus be moved and configured at any time easily and quickly.
3D AR Mat
The Mirabell 3D AR Mat, made by using proprietary technology, adopts augmented reality technology, to bring the feeling of lively moving characters on a smartphone or a tablet PC.
Folder Mat
Mirabell Folder Mat is made of a pure non-toxic material with 100% Korean technology. It is very safe due to o the use of high-density foam with excellent shock absorption and does not easily get contaminated by foreign material. It is also easy to clean has excellent resilience and stability, long lifespan, and soft touch, making it suitable for use by infants.
Also, without using any adhesives, it is harmless to the skin and excellent for shock absorption and insulation. The highly durable foam is easily bent and restores neatly, and absorbs and disperses the impact that occurs when a child falls, protecting the child safely. A built-in air cap with three types of foam with different densities is thermally adhered to enhance the cushion, elasticity, and restoration.
ARENDEL Co., Ltd., a global baby goods manufacturer, is highly recognized by Korean consumers for its sensual design and excellent quality. Its products are exported to Southeast Asian countries including Singapore and Thailand, as well as to Canada, and the USA. In order to prioritize customer satisfaction rather than corporate profit, ARENDEL follows a reasonable pricing policy and avoids price bubbles, while producing products that have passed the safety certification and testing agency tests that meet national standards. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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