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Mask Pack & Functional Cosmetics | Korean Products

November 19, 2018

Mask Pack & Functional Cosmetics


This product is a mask pack with dual function of whitening and anti-wrinkle, and it contains Chuncheon Nephrite extract which is rich in natural minerals. The sheet of the daily mask pack that changes loose, sagging and dull skin into smooth, tight and elastic skin with the strength of Chuncheon Nephrite extract is comfortably attached to the skin by using natural bamboo pulp, which also helps finish the pack smoothly without stickiness after peeling off the mask.



This product is excellent for blood circulation, skin elasticity, swelling reduction and waste removal, and it is abundant with natural minerals that eliminate various waste matters and help nourishment absorption, while making the skin elastic and bright. It is a wrinkle-reducing functional cream that keeps the skin moist and smooth as its nutritious and concentrated texture effectively protects the skin against the outside environment and strengthens the skin b a r r i e r . The added main ingredients including Chuncheon Nephrite extract, acetyl hexapeptide-8 (Botox) and SHoligopeptide- 1 (EGF) help make the skin healthy by preventing rough skin and providing elasticity.



Made from lotus extract, squid ink, collagen, grape seed oil, etc., this product allows a dyeing within five minutes without damaging the hair, while the lotus extract protects and soothes the scalp to make soft and glossy hair. This product also boasts outstanding color strength.



As this product has a mild cleansing power, no skin irritation when washing the face and fine bubbles wash off the skin waste. Containing the patented extracts of four natural fruits ― pomegranate, fig, mulberry and ginkgo nut and the extract of Boswellia resin ― this product provides the skin, exhausted from external stimuli and the weak skin after washing, with nourishment and moisture to help maintain healthy skin.
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