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November 19, 2018

Wearable IoT & Bike Jacket

http://korean-products.com/inquirySAFEWARE is an airbag that protects important body parts such as the neck, cervical vertebra, and spine of the rider as the inflator is activated within 0.2 seconds by the key ball being dislodged due to collision or fall in the event of a motorcycle accident.
It is a protective garment that enables rescuers to secure the golden time for a rescue by transferring the information including the location of the victim through GPS to the relevant persons via BLE communication and the application provided to enable E-Call & monitoring services through the IoT system. It also informs the designated monitoring manager of the accident location by SMS and Callback when an accident occurs after the location is confirmed via GPS.
SAFEWARE, the manufacturer and a start-up specializing in sensing, infl ation, and airbag structure design, as well as development and commercialization of anti-crash protective clothing by using IoT-based wearable airbag technology.
Its business area includes leisure sports such as industrial safety clothing, airbags for accidents during biking, horse riding, motorcycling, and mountaineering, and marine life jackets.
Next year, the company plans to launch a drone-type airbag for rescue. Equipped on drones in the form of a capsule with air removed, it can be dropped on someone who has fallen in the water. When it touches the water, the water detection sensor sends a signal to the airbag to automatically inflate the airbag. Because of its weight, this product is developed to overcome the problem that only two or three units can be mounted at a time, and has a risk of injury if a person is struck by it. An IoT life jacket is also available, which allows convenient storage and tracking of the user’s location in case of a marine accident.

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