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Bike Packing Tent | Korean Products

November 20, 2018

Bike Packing Tent Bicycle Camping Tent is a bikepacking tent designed to keep an expensive bicycle indoors, and thus preventing theft. Using Duralumin poles and ultra-lightweight fabrics, it weighs only 1.8kg when packed. In addition, it is made by using fire-retardant processing that meets the CPAI-84 standards, thereby greatly reducing the risk of fire.
NSR Bicycle Camping Tent is designed to accommodate a bike as well as the rider to prevent stealing while asleep.
The tent is of single-skin construction and it has pockets to accommodate the wheel and handlebars, allowing them to poke out of the side. There are different versions available as well for road bikes and mountain bikes, with the bulges in the correct places. For those who are worried about losing the bike while dozing, NSR Bicycle Camping Tent can be a useful item of kit.
NSR is an exclusive bicycle apparel brand launched by Shin Textile Solutions Co., Ltd. in 2011. Based on the technology and accumulated know-how, the company has been engaged in producing high-performance apparel for global sports and outdoor brands for 15 years, growing rapidly in the Korean bicycle apparel market.
Shin Textile Solutions has developed bicycle clothing and bicycle camping tents that received government certification as the world’s leading product of the next generation in the field. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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