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November 27, 2018

Natural Feminine Cleanser Pure Bubble Feminine Cleanser, being pure foam formulated with natural ingredients that have the function of caring for dry and sensitive skin, can safely protect the health of women. Rich, soft foam formulations and safe in- gredients prevent dryness of skin while providing a clean, fresh feeling after use in addition to the skin health.
This product repairs and prevents skin damage by add- ing the extract of Jaungo infused after mixing 13 medicinal herbs that are well known for various efficacies (shrubby sophora, lonicera aflower, angelica, Korean angelica, scutel- laria root, forsythia fruit, salicis radices cortex, mother chry- santhemum, dried orange peel, licorice, poncirus, peony and lithospermum erythrorhizon).
By adding the propolis extract that acts as an antioxidant protecting the skin from the active oxygen as it contains more than 20 different flavonoids, this product contains various organic maters and minerals so that it can soothe sensitive skin. It is also anti-allergy, anti-inflammatory, an- ti-bacteria and antibiosis, and forms an oil/water moisturiz- ing layer on the skin with amino acids and minerals to pre- vent the skin from losing moisture.
In addition, with the extract of plantago (also well known as plantain), this product vitalizes the skin by improving the skin condition, prevents irritated skin by reducing im- munoglobulin E that causes inflammation, protects the skin from active oxygen that causes skin aging, and helps main- tain vivid skin by preventing skin oxidative stress.
This product is scented with frankincense essential oil in- stead of chemosynthetic fragrance to remove substances harmful to the skin, restores the vitality of the tired skin by encouraging circulation of the skin cycle, soothes the skin and contributes to improving the skin immunity. By using the natural surfactant extracted from apple instead of che- mosynthetic surfactant, this product has solved the dryness of skin after washing as well as providing a fresh and clean feeling.
Farmbios Co., Ltd. provides consumers with the best products and R&D service by researching and developing the natural functional raw materials and cosmetics through a natural herbal solid fermentation solution, which is its unique technology of fermenting mushroom fungus to herb medicine in the solid state. Since its establishment in 2013, Farmbios has accumulated the technology and DB through research and development of natural functional raw materi- als and has come to release its natural cosmetics and natural cleansing products in the name of Moide, which is its natu- ral product brand meaning “the new-born.” | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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