Innovative Office Furniture

Innovative Office Furniture

TALK Chair

This ergonomic office mesh chair was selected as a world first-class product by the Ministry of Trade, Industry, and Energy (MOTIE) in 2016 and awarded the Gold-Minister Award in 2015. By using mesh material, the back plate gives excellent breathability, making it possible to maintain comfort while naturally supporting the upper body according to the user’s posture and movement. The tilting of the back seat naturally synchronizes and there is multilimit locking to control tilting to the desired angle. The tilting strength can be easily adjusted in seven steps within one rotation instead of multiple rotations of existing chairs.
The height and angle adjustable headrest comfortably supports the neck and head of the user. The armrests are inclined inward to give a natural posture when using a mobile device such as a smartphone. The depth of the seat can be adjusted, and when the seat is dirty, the cloth can be easily removed for washing or replacement. The memory foam and the high elasticity mold sponge give an excellent feeling of comfort to the seat back due to the seat structure. When exporting, knock down packing reduces the burden on the logistics costs and enables customers to make the best choice with competitive price plus excellent quality and function.


Inspire Benchwork

This product is a full-fledged benchwork system that won the Good Design Award 2017. It has a competitive edge in terms of price by ensuring continuous scalability through the combination of Starter, Adder, and Ender. The tapered legs have a light home furnishings feel, and the front part of the user touches the urethane edge to the V-forming part to provide smooth feeling and visual stability.
A variety of storage units are available as options such as cantilever front storage, toll unit, smart pedestal, side storage, open top storage, and cantilever side storage − as well as environmental accessories including wireless charger and air purifier on the desk top. The front screen is available in two sizes, with a cloth finish and an acrylic screen. It is also easy to attach an acrylic side screen for clearer personal privacy protection. This full-scale BENCHWORK system holds up to the original robustness of the furniture in the color tone of the bright tone and the simple design.
Established in 1984, KOAS Co., Ltd. is the first to introduce OA concept system office furniture for the first time in Korea. Currently, it manufactures, sells, and exports furniture products in various styles such as furniture for educational facilities, laboratories, and hospitals, as well as offices. The company has achieved annual sales of about 100 billion won through 300 domestic dealers and 30 overseas dealers.
In particular, KOAS has sales offices in Guangzhou, China, and Hanoi, Vietnam. Certified to ISO9001 and ISO14001, it has acquired many GD certifications and was the first in the furniture industry to be selected as a supplier of quality assurance by the Public Procurement Service. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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