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November 28, 2018

TheRumi AMF Aqua Maskpack

TheRumi AMF Aqua Maskpack is composed of two steps of firstly applying 100% lyocell fabric mask pack which is soft and elastic, and secondly applying highly enriched hydrogel eye patches with highly concentrated hydrogel with 9 grams of pure essence. Using AMF patented ingredients, this product keeps moisture in the skin for 120 hours due to its ability to block moisture evaporation in the skin, and due to strong water absorption ability.
The mask pack and eye patch with double functions of anti-wrinkle and whitening retain and enhance moisturization for up to 120 hours and adjust oil-moisture balancing.


TheRumi AMF Aqua Secret Maskpack

The Rumi AMF Aqua Secret Maskpack is a heat transferring mask pack where the butterflies disappear according to the changes in skin temperature, and it is more effective if you keep this product refrigerated before using it in the hot summer season.
This product uses AMF-patented ingredients to keeps the moisture in the skin for up to 120 hours due to the blocking of moisture evaporation from the skin and strong moisture absorption. Also, by increasing and protecting the synthesis of collagen which is the dermic constituent, this product has the effect of reducing wrinkles and increasing the elasticity of the skin.
TheRumi AMF Aqua Secret Maskpack, which solves the problems of anti-wrinkle, whitening, moisturizing, and pores at the same time, has such features as keeping and enhancing (AMF) moisturization for up to 120 hours, containing SYN-COLL which is a patented raw material for an- ti-wrinkle, and having anti-aging and anti-oxidation effects through the function of anion far infrared rays.


TheRumi TheFoaming Soap

TheRumi TheFoaming Soap contains natural organic ingredients, having a soothing effect on the skin. The lanolin forms a skin moisture barrier so that both mother and baby can use the product together. This product features rich foam and delicate fragrance and it is effective as a natural skin lubricant softening the skin.
MBcosmic Co., Ltd. started as a professional mask pack manufacturer and, having extended its range, has now grown into a company that exports facial soaps and cleansers, cleansing tissue, skin care products, etc. Since its establishment in 2016, MBcosmic has been attracting attention in the industry with its differentiated, safe and high-quality functional products. MBcosmic released TheRumi AMF Aqua Maskpack Collection 1 and TheRumi TheFoaming Soap in 2017, and TheRumi AMF Aqua Secret Maskpack Collection 2 in March 2018.
In addition, MBcosmic first exported its mask pack and soap to the Philippines in June 2016 and, having expanded the items gradually, now is continually exporting skin and body care products, sunscreen, etc. to more than 4,700 nationwide chains including Mercury Drug Store and Watsons in the Philippines. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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