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Modeling Mask Pack | Korean Products

November 28, 2018

Modeling Mask Pack is a different modeling mask pack with a concept of jewelry. Apart from the advantage that the modeling mask pack that was used in luxurious beauty shops can be done at home directly, it has also the merits of cost-effectiveness.
The product has widened customers’ choice with five kinds of product, namely, gold, diamond, black pearl, sapphire and ruby. Not just the concept of jewelry but the relevant jewelry powder is actually contained in the ingredients, providing an extraordinary pleasure to apply jewelry to the skin.
Real gold powder, which is especially effective as an antioxidant, provides young and radiant skin. Diamond contains adenosine that helps improve skin and collagen, by adding nutrition to the skin, makes a clear and transparent skin tone and changes the skin into a radiant one. Black pearl is effective for treatment of pores and its charcoal powder helps purify pores and improve elasticity. Sapphire helps restore tired and damaged skin condition and supplement deficient nutrition and moisturizing. Ruby helps soothe the skin and makes the skin vivid. This product, including the real jewelry powders like these, provides proper help to various types of skin problems, such as wrinkled, dull, dry and/or troublesome skin, and restores the skin health and vigor.
The modeling mask pack is not affected by dust because the powder does not fly at the time of manufacturing, and after the pack is jellied, you can expect a strong tightening effect on the skin due to excellent elasticity. It also helps moisture and cool feeling kept by supplying moisture. In addition to this, the product contains a rich essence and provides the user with a clean feeling, as no residue is left when removing the pack, thereby differentiating it from other products.
In addition, this product has minimized skin irritation by using natural extracts that are natural preservatives. Thus, you can feel amazing changes before and after application of the pack such as skin moisture content and gloss.
MEDIFACE is a cosmetics brand of HONG BO Co., Ltd. specially designed to solve specific skin problems of various ages. It contains a high concentration of natural active ingredients, peptides and proteins. This brand is highly appreciated by our customers around the world for its versatility, safety and, efficiency. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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