Vacuum Skin Packaging Film

Vacuum Skin Packaging Film Skin Pack is a packaging method of putt ing food in a plastic container tray and vacuum sealing it with a skin film, thereby being excellent in preventing oxidation and preserving the meat juice loss. As it is excellent in preserving the freshness by inhibiting bacteria growth compared with the MAP pack or normal vacuum pack, this VSP packaging allows the shelf life of chilled products to be set for more than 3 weeks.
Johas™ VSP Film has excellent oxygen barrier property (OTR <2 cc/ and gloss. EVOH resin is used for high barrier function, and thus this product has a transmission rate 1,000 times as low as that of normal PE film. Every Barflex film has been supplied to customer after quality control check in our research lab which leads to high level of customer satisfaction. Fresh meats, seafoods and ready meals skin packed in Johas film take shelf life extension effect and the premium image, thereby satisfying both domestic and overseas buyers. As it is a packaging film for food, this product is certified by the U.S. FDA. As for proof of whether it can contact the food and is harmless when it is heated in the microwave oven, this product complies with the European Standard ((EU) No.10/2011, Plastic Materials and Articles Intended to Come into Contact with Food).
Barflex Corporation provides the total VSP solution of machine, film and tray suitable for the customers who want the skin packaging application. Barflex Corporation was spun off from SK Innovation (formerly Yugong) in 2002 and has till now been dedicated to manufacturing and selling barrier multi-layer films. Its main products are comprised of vacuum skin film, high barrier film, pouch, tube, etc. Various industries use Barflex products ranging from food packaging to medical packaging. With its own research institute and production facilities, we develop value-added products and supply products of excellent quality. Barflex Corporation supplies its products to large food distribution outlets in Korea including E-Mart and SAJO and actively exports them to Singapore, China, etc. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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