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November 29, 2018

Natural Skincare Cosmetics is a hypoallergenic naturalistic cosmetic product made from valuable plant ingredients obtained from nature.
Pureforets Centella Multi Care Line for easy treatments. Mainly containing centella asiatica water and centella asiatica extract, this product calms the irritated skin. For super sensitive and acne-prone skin and for those who are careful about using skincare products, the Centella Multi Care line will be the most affordable treatment to find.
Centella Asiatica is also called “Tiger Grass,” as tigers roll on this grass to heal their wounds after a fight. The madecassic acid in leaves and stems of Centella Asiatica has excellent healing effects on inflammation and wounds. It is used in ointments or cosmetics for contact dermatitis, acne, and inflammatory skin problems. The four essential ingredients including Jojoba Centella Infused Oil, madecassic acid powder, willow extract, tea tree oil also work in synergy.
In particular, the jojoba centella infused oil contained in Pureforet Centella Multi Balm, a self-developed raw material, contains high-quality Jojoba oil made by infusing centella asiatica, willow bark, green tea, and chamomile for 30 days.
The EWG 1st grade Pureforet Centella Multi Balm containing tea tree and lavender oil in addition to the above-mentioned materials is one of the best sellers for acne spot care.
Established in 2007, ECOCATION Co., Ltd. has run WHATSOAP, a DIY ingredient shop for natural cosmetics, natural soap, candle, and diffuser for 12 years, and has developed Pureforet, a natural cosmetics product designed for troubled and sensitive skin and Puregen, which are premium cosmetics. It has become a leading player of global K-beauty by taking advantage of unique character designs and proven trouble care effects in domestic and overseas cosmetics markets.
Domestically, it is available through Boots, Olive Young, and E-Mart. It is also exported to the USA, Malaysia, Singapore, Hungary, and China. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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