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Dried Seaweed | Korean Products

December 3, 2018

Dried Seaweed with natural additives and without any artificial additives, Garimi Dried Seaweed is characterized by its rich nutrition and deep flavor and is also exported as a raw material for snack steaming. Garimi Roasted Seaweed with black gloss and shine is roasted at the optimum temperature, so it offers an excellent taste, flavor, and texture. The roasted seaweed consists of Sushi Nori seaweed sheets and sashimi for Kimbap.
It is made by using only carefully selected Porphyra tenera Kjellman, particularly high-quality material with glossiness and dark luster.
Having no holes and being dense, these products do not easily burst or tear. In addition, its smooth and optimal texture adds flavor to any dish. It is also clean without containing any foreign substances, and it is produced with the thickness and weight most suitable for making Kimbap.
Featuring excellent taste and flavor, it complements any dish.
Garimi Co., Ltd. is leading the export market of Kimchi as a company specialized in the production of Sushi Nori with the superior system in terms of taste and price by carrying out all processes from efficient system to production and distribution.
The services that Garimi provides include an advanced automated remote system for storage and desalination, removal of foreign matt er, dehydration, cutt ing, drying, etc.
The company manufactures the highest-quality seaweed products by managing the entire manufacturing process hygienically and safely. Only using the best Porphyra tenera Kjellman produced in the southern coastal clean sea area from January to April each year, Garimi has been producing high-quality Sushi Nori. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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