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December 3, 2018

Health Functional Foods


ALLICOM is an agent that improves immunity and productivity through physiological activity using garlic extract. It is formulated and mass-produced by ensuring optimal formulation ratio and appropriate amounts via industryacademia cooperation.
Coming in powder and liquid types, its natural garlic extract, and yeast culture are used as main ingredients to enhance immunity and Anti-infectivity and increase productivity. In addition, it is expected to be used as a natural antibiotic substitute in the long term thanks to the improvement of disease resistance through the strengthening of immunity. Allicin, a major component of ALLICOM, activates the metabolism through endocrine mechanical stimulation.
In particular, the liquid type ALLICOM is mixed with water and fed to the paddy fields, and the paddy is more convenient, attracting great attention in the Southeast Asian market including Bangladesh and Pakistan, and exports are steadily increasing. Exports to Taiwan are also in preparation.


TASIMMON is an alternative antibiotic substitute for improvement of natural stamens using fruit extract. It has acquired intellectual property rights through a technical innovation development project and industry-academia cooperation.
Patented as Animal Food Composition Containing Powder or Extract of Diospyros Kaki Thunb. Containing Additives (No. 10-0485057), this environment-friendly powdered product has the effect of improving dietary diarrhea and enhancing the immunity of an animal.
Due to the strengthened regulation of domestic and foreign antibiotic use, the market of materials to substitute antibiotics is expected to grow.
MK Bio Science Co., Inc. is a company that produces and sells feed additive such as feedstuff and supplementary feeds. It has been selected as INNOBIZ company, MAINBIZ, and certified as a venture by obtaining certificates from KVGMP, ISO9001, and HACCP, consolidating the foundation for advancing into global markets.
MK Bio exports its products to various countries such as Bangladesh, Taiwan and Kenya, as well as the domestic market. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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